Game Store Launch!

We’re proud to announce a major addition to Game Brokerage!

The Game Store comes Friday May 16th!

What’s the Game Store?

The Game Store is a store for non-exclusive HTML 5 & Flash (sitelocks) Games!

Game Developers can upload HTML 5 or Flash games into the Game Store today! However, the Store will not go live for Publishers until Friday May 16th.

Take advantage of our booming markets to generate additional sales on your existing games!

If you have previously licensed your game exclusively, your game is not eligible for inclusion in the non-exclusive Game Store. Speak with a member of our staff if you are not sure if you’re game is eligible.

Why sell your game on our store? Our Publishers are looking for both exclusive & non-exclusive titles to add to their existing game portfolios.

Extend your games lifespan by earning more cash and increasing the number of players!

Are you a Publisher?

Publishers can easily buy non-exclusive licenses using our quick checkout process! Automatically co-ordinate your game preferences to the developer. This time saving feature will allow you to quickly license games by reducing the amount of work you’ll need to collaborate with the developer.


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